Wind Addict Miami has designed courses for everyone who would like to experience and learn the power of the kite. Following the IKO standards they will guide you all the way from beginner to advance. Wind Addict will make you live an unforgettable experience in the water and you will be sure to feel the adrenaline rush of kitesurfing at its most. They have more than 10 years of experience in boating and water sport activities with excellent ratings in safety and overall satisfaction.

Be part of the largest Kitesurfers Family in Miami and learn with Wind addict Miami:

Let me break it down for you in a brief summary. Miami Wind Addict has the following courses available:

kite school

Discovery Level.

The first level in kitesurfing is called the Discovery which consists of five important sub levels where you will learn:

Level 1A

  • Sea (spot, environment activity) assessment
  • Hold carry and secure a kite on land
  • Kite set up

Level 1B

  • Safety systems use
  • Preflight checks
  • Launch and land as an assistant

Level 1C

  • First piloting and exploring the wind windows edge
  • Let go of the bar
  • Twisting and untwisting the lines

Level 1D

  • Fly one – handed
  • Trim introduction
  • Walk while flying the kite
  • Launch and land as a pilot
  • Wind widow theory

Level 1E

  • Inflight quick release activation
  • Self – landing
  • Equipment packing


Once you have mastered the Discovery level it’s time to get in the water. Get ready to explore the full potential of the power of the wind, at this level you will learn how to: use the power of the kite to perform body drag in all possible directions, relaunch your kite in the water, self-rescue, recover your board and master the most valuable techniques of kitesurf solo sailing.3..

Level 2F

  • Enter and exit the water controlling the kite in-flight, relaunching of the the kite in the water

Level 2G

  • Body – drag with 2 hands, stabilizing the kite
  • Body drag with kite power movements

Level 2H

  • Body drag to windward
  • Body drag with the board
  • Introduction to self-rescue and packaging

Level 2I

  • Introduction to priority rules
  • Steady pull
  • Water starts
  • Controlled stops

Independent Level

Congratulations you have mastered the Discovery and Intermediate levels! It’s time to become an independent rider and the more you learn, the more passionate you will become about kiteboarding!

On this course, your IKO Instructor will show you how to ride upwind, toe-side, and help you focus on higher skills like controlling your speed by edging, changing direction without stopping, self-launching and self-landing, all done safely.

Level 3J

  • Control speed by edging

Level 3K

  • Ride upwind

Level 3L

  • Sliding transitions

Level 3M

  • Ride toeside
  • Jibe

Level 3N

  • Self – Take off
  • Self-rescue and pack down in deep waters

Honest, nothing beats kitesurfing once you’ve tried it. It’s the fastest growing water-based sport out there with a growing number of enthusiasts and an expanding international circuit. Be sure to visit the website of Wind Addict Miami or drop them a call to find out what are the most convenient schedules for you or your group. 

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