Rather than writing and explaining everything down on this page, I’ll share some How2’s videos from Pro rider Sam Light. Each video is a short and easy tutorial that will make you want to learn more and practice right away!

Sam Light is a Professional rider, originally from the south coast of England. Sam was the 2009 British Kiteboarding Champion, 2 times KPL Champion and 4 times Triple S winner.

How to do a Back Roll

This is a short video but it covers the basics of the Hooked-in Back Roll. If you’re just getting started, this is the video for you.

How to Downloop

This video is the perfect extra material to watch when you’re taking your Kitesurfing lessons. The ‘Downloop’ is one of the most important skills to master, it will help you with everything from just turning around to landing massive jumps.

How to “Trim your kite”

Pay close attention to all the techniques to safely “trim your kite” for some big air and free riding! Super simple but having your steering lines engaged correctly is the most important thing and often over looked. Don’t hesitate to ask your Kitesurf instructor if you have any doubts.

How to Kiteloop

In this video you will find a few safety tips on how to kite loop (the nameis self-explanatory). If you’re on the leaning stages, never practice alone, the safest way to learn this sport is with a professional instructor.

How to Frontroll

Be sure to give this one a try after you have mastered the theory!  Short tutorial on how to Frontroll.

How to Jump

These tutorials are designed to give you extra tips and key points to take with you on the water for your first jumps with your instructor.

Of course, there are many instructional videos online as well as private videos posted by enthusiasts that may or may not be well suited for learning; always be very discerning about this information. Learning kitesurf with a certified instructor is the best way to learn and experience how exhilarating, challenging and fun this sport can be!

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