Get ready to make a big splash in Miami with a short list of the best Kitesurfing spots!

Attention Riders, we are going to see a few of the best places in Miami with the best conditions for each Kitesurf style.

Kitesurfing in Florida

Miami, Stiltsville

Located one mile south of Cape Florida, on sand banks of the Safety Valve on the edge of Biscayne Bay in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Stiltsville has perfect conditions for all kite surfing ranks. The water is flat, shallow and warm, it has a sandy bottom and sea grass beds. Easy to launch your kite from any place. These are the perfect conditions for new students to develop their skills quicker and safer. Here you will find great certified instructors and a variety of great kitesurf shops.

Rider Ability: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Islamorada (AKA The Purple Isle)

Another popular place among Florida kite surfers is Islamorada, the spot has calm, shallow, crystal clear, blue waters. Main wind directions: East and Northeast. From these directions the winds are very steady. Be careful with thunderstorms and squalls… On North winds it will be gusty through the bridge. Maximize east-northeast to east to south-southwest winds as you ride.

Rider Ability: Intermediate to advanced riders

Anne’s Beach – Lower Matecumbe Key

A famous spot in the Keys is Anne’s Beach in Lower Matecumbe Key with crystal blue and shallow waters, primary wind is East, Northeast from frontal activity; the current under the bridge between Lower Matecumbe and Long Key can be strong. – Stay away from the main channel there. –  If you are looking for a flat, crystal-like water, kite boarding spot, this is the place especially if you are a beginner. Anne’s Beach is one of the most popular spots and gets pretty crowded during weekends. Anne’s Beach, located at mile marker 74 on the east side (oceanside) of the roadway.

Rider Ability: Beginner, Intermediate

Key West

Key West has some of the most consistent winds in the entire state of Florida. The wind is best from east, south or southwest. The most popular area is Smathers Beach – near the last jetty at the east end of the beach – White sandy beach with palm trees along the beach, here you will find many sunbathers and all kiting is done at the Eastern end of Smathers Beach, where the power lines stop and there is plenty of room to rig your gear and launch.

Rules: Beginners need to beware of the roadway and power lines. Kitesurfing areas are designated, launch areas are regulated, and many restrictions apply.

Rider Ability: Beginner, Intermediate

Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach has conditions for extreme kitesurfing, winds of 10-20 mph in winter, can be stronger with fronts. 5-15 mph in summer. Summer lighter SE thermals, about 10-15 knots. West winds are off limits on Pompano Beach.

Rules: You must stay out past the markers or you will get a ticket to appear in court. Be careful with onshore winds. Launching, landing or walking with a kite flying within 100 yards of lifeguarded beaches is forbidden. If you are doing a downwinder be sure to stay beyond 100 yards of guarded beaches throughout SE Florida. Dangerous reef and boat traffic. Spinner sharks show up during their migration. Sea lice also present all year around. High bacteria due to outgoing tide and proximity to inlet. Wear a wet suit.

The area is loaded with safety limitations however the riders and the kitesurfing community have been fighting for years to keep the area an open kite surfing spot. Make sure you get acquainted with the rules because local authorities are quite strict. Kitesurfing is only allowed at Northeast 13th St. and Northeast 16th St. Break the rules and the locals will pop your kite.

Rider Ability: Expert. if you’re a beginner, I strongly recommended you to give this area a miss.

Cocoa Beach, 520 Slick

The city is known for its beach and surf breaks. Inside a surf shop, the Florida Surf Museum traces the sport’s local history. Nearby Cocoa Beach Pier there are great places to eat and many sport shops in case you need to renew your kitesurf gear.

Cocoa Beach is for advanced riders only since the spot has a very technical launch area covered by mangroves. Wind directions are good from north, north northwest, northwest to west.

 – My personal advice is to wear booties in this area because the bottom is slimy – 

Did you know? Cocoa Beach is rich in surf history including producing the 11-time world surfing champion, Kelly Slater who also owns the world’s largest surf shop.

Rider Ability: Intermediate, Expert. Not an Amateur spot.

*Miami and South Beach have a great mix of winds and shallow waters with great technical launching spots but you have to remember many of Miami’s beaches have strict limitations on kite surfing, that’s why you should always read and ask all about the limitations and conditions.  Break the rules and the authorities will ticket you.

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