Time to stop surfing the web and get out there and surf with the wind! Let’s start with a short list of the top kitesurfing spots.

Beautiful blue waters, sandy shores, gorgeous sunsets and palm trees all coming together for breathtaking views that will make you want to stay and never leave.

Before venturing out, always perform a safety check of your kitesurf gear to make sure it isn’t faulty and nothing breaks while on the water.

Avoid kitesurfing in heavy far away offshore winds (if you get too carried away remember to practice your basic body drag techniques to return yourself to more shallow waters or closer to the shore).

Never go Kitesurfing alone or at lonely locations.

Wear clothing that will keep you warm if you need to swim or remain afloat for at least an hour, a body suit is most advisable.

top Kitesurf spots

Miami, Stiltsville – Kitesurfer Beach (Beginner Level)

Stiltsville has perfect conditions for all kite surfing ranks. The water is flat, shallow and warm, it has a sandy bottom and sea grass beds. Easy to launch your kite from any place. These are the perfect conditions for new students to develop their skills quicker and safer. Here you will find great certified instructors and a variety of great kitesurf shops.

Located one mile south of Cape Florida, on sand banks of the Safety Valve on the edge of Biscayne Bay in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Rider Ability: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Merritt Island, Florida (High- Advanced)

Great wind and spectacular waters to kitesurf on Merritt Island on the east coast of the US. If you’re more on the advanced levels, this huge body of water is somewhat battered by big winds with the near perfect conditions to make this a kitesurfer’s paradise. To practice here, you would already have to be a master at all the basics and then some.

Virginia Key North Point Park, Fla. (Basic to All Levels)

Virginia Key is one of the oldest ocean beach fronts in Miami and America at large. The beach is open daily and its calm waters make it a great venue for your kitesurf activities. All level skilled kitesurfers are welcome.

Crissy Field, San Francisco Bay Area, Cal. (Pro Level)

Crissy Field is one of the most intense Kitesurfing spots in the state!  Crissy Field is a world-class Kitesurfing site for seasoned riders. The area is well-known for its strong current and gusty winds that are both dangerous and challenging even for other pro water sport enthusiasts including windsurfers. Here you will need a full wetsuit if you want to Kitesurf on the area.

Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro, California (Beginner and Pro level)

San Pedro in Los Angeles receives some of the most constant ocean breezes on the coast, which is perfect for Kitesurfing all year round. It also has an impressive combination of cliffs and hills that create the most robust winds. For most windsurfers, San Pedro is well-known as the “Hurricane Gulch” which attracts kitesurfers and windsurfers from all over the world.

You can get different Kitesurfing opportunities in many areas, for both beginners and pro kitesurfers. Find the calmest waters and less intense which are ideal for beginners or venture into the more intense spots if you’ve mastered the basics.

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