Started on September 23, 2023

Spice up your riding!

You progressed to a point where you are proficient though still hungry for more. You want to perform tricks while flying, explore coastlines around the world and loop yourself around! This Freeride course will teach you all that and more; this is the next step for you to ride blind, aerial transitions, back-rolls, downwinder preparation, other hooked tricks and surface loops!

Price per hour 360$ (two hours)


  • 8 am to 11 am
  • 11 am to 2 pm
  • 2 pm to 5pm

Requirements and conditions

  • 12 minimum age
  • Advance minimum level
  • 1 hours per session/day depending on student’s knowledge, weather conditions during the course, spot configuration (flat? shallow? waves…)
  • level 5 certification

Level 3J – Freestyle

  • Frontroll
  • Frontoll transition
  • Pop (no kite movement)
  • Hooked-in raley
  • Hooked-in railey-to-toeside
  • Higher jump
  • Higher jump with grab
  • Higher backroll
  • Higher frontroll
  • Unhook and hook back in
  • Unhooked pop
  • Unhooked backroll
  • Surface handle pass
  • Jump transition with kiteloop
  • Jump and land width downloop
  • Jump with kitelook
  • Jump width kiteloop and land with downloop
  • Backroll with kiteloop
  • Backroll with grab
  • Hooked-in railey width grab
  • Unhooked pop with grab


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