Kite Compression Bags

When you travel with your kite gear and probably several kites, every kilo of weight counts (1kg = 2.2 lbs). This is why I usually only bring one kite backpack (I weighed them, mine is around 1 kg) and put the other two kites in an ultralight compression bag. This way they are still protected and I almost save 2 kg of luggage.

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Wetsuit Changing Mat or Dry Bag

A Dry Bag is super useful for different stuff, whether you’re on a kite trip on a boat and want to take your phone to the island or store your wetsuit in there after your session without making everything else wet. This one is super lightweight and the 20l version fits my wetsuit as well.

GoPro to capture the all the tricks

The GoPro Hero 7 Black has a very smooth video stabilization software built in the camera – which makes a big difference compared to earlier GoPro versions and way above other conventional cameras without this stabilizing technology. Video exposure and audio recording have been greatly improved as well compared to earlier versions of the GoPro series.

Surf Ears for people with sensitive ears

If you get ear infections easily, are sensitive to cold water or cold wind or often have water stuck in your ears because of Surfer’s Ear (which will more and more likely end up in an ear infection) I can recommend you get the Surf Ears. They have multiple sizes which fit all kinds of ears and even in hard crashes they will stay with you as they are hanging on a leash.

Watersports sunglasses

Hydrophobic lenses help repel water and sweat, but are also anti-static, making it harder for dust particles to stay on. Kiteboarders often neglect their eyes when on the water; trust me when I say: you-do-NOT-want-to-catch pterygium, i.e. ‘surfer’s eye’… which is a common eye affliction amongst salt water lovers, but one that can be prevented just by wearing a pair of watersports sunglasses. 

Big Kite Pump

If you have a little bit of extra space and tend to use bigger kites, it is quicker to set up the kite with a practical big kite pump. They are very convenient and practical. 

Sunscreen / sunblock

Choose an (ideally eco-friendly, reef-safe) waterproof sunscreen with SPF 50. When you are practicing Kiteboarding, I highly recommend not getting anything lower because if you sunburn easily keep in mind that the water will wash away a lot of the sunscreen you applied in no time and studies show that people usually don’t apply enough sunscreen, so that SPF 50 sunscreen in the end might perform as if you had applied an SPF 30 or even lower if you apply less.

Car seat Cover

This item is if you are commuting with your car doing a road trip down to the beach and don’t want to change after your kiteboarding session. Keep salty stains off of your car seat and if you forget (or forego) taking your wetsuit off you won’t damage the car seat with any salty water.

Kiteboarding Apps

Apps are incredibly useful tools, especially when trying to find the most up to date information hassle-free. We have selected the top apps out there for you:


Kitetracker App

This app is for keeping track of your kiteboarding progress! Track your sessions and share them with other app users. The app allows you to follow your progress on distance, climb length and speed, amongst other useful measurements. Data and photos are automatically uploaded to the app and can be transferred to other social media platforms if you desire.

Discovering New Locations: The Kitemap

This tool allows you to look for your favorite beaches, depending on wind conditions and settings, to find the best location for your kiteboard. You can add to the map or discover places you have never been to before.

Forecasting app: IKiteSurf

This app is great to access the most up to date weather reports across the world. It covers the wind conditions and acts as a general weather report. It compiles its information from over 50,000 weather bases across the planet. The project originated back in 1987; ensuring the best weather reporting has been the developer’s utmost priority for more than three decades. The Wind Alert feature ensures you are notified of the best opportunities for you to get in the sea. Not only this, you have access to news, videos, detailed lists, satellite maps and water temperature reports. Accessible from anywhere on the globe, it is an essential app for any serious kiteboarders out there.

Hopefully, we have given you enough helpful gadget info and app ideas to get you motivated for your next Kiteboard practice. Be sure to visit our other blog entries for more information on this topic as well as many other.

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