The answer is yes!  Learning how to Kiteboard can be done at all ages, it’s more about your physical fitness level, rather than age, what dictates if you can or can’t take up kiteboarding.

If you are in good shape and you want to exercise and have fun, kiteboarding is a sport you’ll love to practice. There are many quality kiteboarding schools here in Florida with IKO-certified instructors that will teach you the basics and more; in fact, you can check our Wind Addict website for more information about the courses and Instructors.

Once you book your first course, you’ll be looking forward to taking more lessons.

You are probably thinking that you need a lot of upper body strength to kiteboard but in reality you mostly need your core muscles. The muscles located in your torso (from your neck down to your pelvis) are the ones handling the power from the kite, your arms are merely used to steer the kite using the control bar. So, if you’re at the age and physical condition where you can ride a bike you can certainly ride a kite!

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If you want to learn to Kiteboard then go for it. There’s no such thing as too old

A person of any age, weight, height, gender, and physical strength can learn to Kiteboard, you just need to be: reasonably healthy, feel comfortable in the water, have decent aerobic endurance plus some minimum required strength in your legs, abs and lower back.  The reason for this is that as the kite lines pull on your harness, you must push back and apply an opposite force from your core muscles to resist the pull, keeping your body straight and pushing with your legs onto your board and against the water; most average people are able to resist the pull from the harness and keep their body straight while simultaneously pushing on their legs.

You don’t need superpowers to learn Kiteboarding

The only thing you need to have besides the average physical considerations mentioned above, is at least some amount of natural coordination skills and even if you don’t have that, in due time with enough practice you will become more and more coordinated; as I said before, if you can ride a bike you can ride a kite!

Kiteboarding schools have techniques to help you learn how to kiteboard in a safe and fun way; they will teach you how to control your kite with your hands, arms, body position and how to control your board with your legs and feet.

Another fundamental factor is to have the determination to learn Kiteboarding. The fact that you want to exercise and stay in good shape will help you move forward with your Kiteboarding lessons.

The only “superpowers” needed are your positive disposition and sufficient body coordination to practice this awesome sport.

Just book a lesson on a low wind day and check out the adventures of Kiteboarding!

Advice: Don’t learn kiteboarding by yourself!

Learning solo is definitely not the right thing to do guys, the best way to learn is to find a Certified IKO School and book a few lessons. We are right here in Miami ready to help you launch your kite; you’ll be sure to learn with the best certified IKO instructors in the area.

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