One day any one of your kids or all of your kids, came to the knowledge that there is an outdoor water based sport practiced at the beach under a beautiful blue sky, which included flying the most spectacular flying object they have ever seen, gliding over the bluest waters and with a cool factor of about, one million degrees. Now, if you weren’t already acquainted with this activity, then you will be and from then on, you too must have become passionate about learning how to kiteboard. This sport is ideal for all family members especially children. 

Probably you’re wondering how old would the children need to be to take on kiteboarding? Is it safe? Learning, is always meant to be fun, but even more so with kids!

Following is a list of common questions and basic answers about Kiteboarding lessons for kids.

kiteboarding for kids

At what age can a child begin Kiteboarding?

Kids will have a blast learning how to Kiteboard. The minimum age for kiteboard lessons can start as early as 10 years old, this may vary depending on the kiteboard school rules. Most schools have a minimum required age limit between 10–12 years. Some schools go by a minimum weight of 77 to 88 lbs (35-40 Kgs) and/or a certain minimum height too.

Important note: The child must know how to swim and shouldn’t be afraid of the waters.

Which is the best kite for a child?

A trainer kite is the best for kids; it should be a small kite which are easy to handle with shorter lines which pick up less wind power. I would recommend a 6 sq.m or an 8 sq.m trainer kite. Single strut kites or strut-less kites are ideally suited for kids since they can pick up light winds more easily and remain in flight for longer stints of time. Any certified Kiteboard (IKO) instructor will guide you and check for the best Kiteboarding gear for your child.

Which harness is good for kids?

A seat harness is a good first choice for children learning kiteboarding. It should have a handle in the back so that the instructor can hold and lead the child maneuvering the board; other models have a leash attached for the same purpose. A well fitted small size harnesses, will allow the young student to gauge and feel the pull of the kite in a safe mode.

* There are kites with fast depowering releases that allow the sail to get rid of 100% of their power as soon as the kite goes down or if the bar is released from the grip.

What is the right spot to teach kids how to kiteboard?

Any wide space areas and shallow flat waters, benefitting from side shore wind exposure. Here in Miami, you can find kiteboarding lessons for kids with the best spots to learn and certified IKO Instructors. You can check out our Wind Addict School website for more Information about the courses available.

What are the best wind conditions to teach kids how to kiteboard?

Lessons can start from 6 knots and up to 15/20 knots. Light breeze is ideal to teach kids how to Kiteboard as it allows them to learn in easy and safe conditions.

Is kiteboarding dangerous for kids?

The answer is NO!  Learning how to Kiteboard with a certified IKO instructor and following the rules will make the experience very safe and super fun for kids. The instructor will be in constant communication with the student (sometimes through a hands free walkie-talkie) and will make sure to focus on safety and how to handle the equipment. The more modern equipment allows for a complete sudden depowering of the kite in case of a heavy gust of wind or any other incidental occurrence, very safe for kids.

Always chose an IKO certified school to teach your kids how to Kiteboard

IKO stands for International Kiteboarding Organization. Here at Wind Addict Miami, we have the best certified IKO Instructors and we teach according to world class standards. With our professional approach your kids will learn the basics about wind and weather, how to control the kite, safety techniques and of course, how to kiteboard efficiently.

If you have more questions visit our Kiteboarding School here in Miami or give us a call!

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