First you need to know that Body Dragging is a very important skill that all kiters should know and use. It is the best way to get around the water if you need to retrieve your board or get out of wavey/dumpy seas.

Body dragging is one of the first skills you’ll learn with your certified IKO Instructor. Body Drag is a fundamental skill that you’ll need as a rider that will allow you to develop your kite control and help you remain calm in situations where you may be without your board.

There are body dragging techniques for both upwind and downwind situations.

Upwind body dragging

Upwind body dragging is a key technique for retrieving lost kiteboards. It can also be used to reach the shore in upwind sailing conditions.

 Check these tips to start Body dragging upwind:

  • Make sure to power the kite slightly, keeping it at 45 degrees, and as stationary as possible.
  • Take one of your hands off the bar and fly the kite one-handed;
  • Don’t pull on the bar but rather stretch your bar out;
  • Reach out with your available arm, stretching it out and aiming toward your upwind target;
  • Stretch your body as much as you can and get rigid like a piece of wood;
  • Keep your legs straight and used them as a rudder for your direction;
  • Maintain a relatively low speed

Here you can check the common mistakes of Body Dragging upwind:

Downwind Body Dragging

Downwind body dragging is slightly easier than going upwind and Kite steering in a downwind is relatively effortless.

Note: Sudden gusts of wind can rapidly blow your hands off the kite bar, that’s why you should never underestimate the power of the wind.

Check these tips to start Downwind Body Dragging:

  • Lay on your chest with both hands on the bar;
  • Keep both hands on the outside, on the bar;
  • Use your arms only to steer;
  • Keep your body stable despite the strong steering pushes

Here you can check this cool tutorial with Blake about how to Body Drag:

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