The IKO certification is an official recognition document that credits the holder as having a sufficient and standard level of expertise over the universally accepted rules and regulations that govern the sport of Kitesurfing (or Kiteboarding as it is also known). This certification is issued by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) which is the world’s leading kiteboarding organization specializing in kiteboard education, promoting safe practices and enhancing the highest standards for the industry.

The IKO serves its members by:

  • Only affiliating schools committed to providing high quality training and rider safety;
  • Training kiteboard professionals and making them recognized across the industry;
  • Verifying the standards of safety of kiteboarding gear and equipment;
  • Verifying standard safety practices associated with kiteboarding locations;
  • Also publishing reviews and profiles of certified instructors giving riders the option to select their trainer and location.
IKO certification

The IKO was established in 2001 by kiteboarders: Frédéric Béné and Eric Beaudonnat. Their headquarters are located in the windy town of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic.

The IKO has been the global leader in kiteboarding education and training with the best techniques and up to date training for students and instructors. Each year, the IKO updates its teaching, certification, Safety and Quality standards.

Why is the IKO Certification important for Kiteboarding schools?

Because it provides a guarantee that the Kiteboarding School (which includes the instructors) are well acquainted with the rules and safety regulations necessary for a safe and  composed practice of the sport of kiteboarding. The IKO certification means you will get an expert professional instructor who is well experienced and will work with the highest international safety standards.

An Instructor with the Kiteboarding IKO Certification will:

  • Have the necessary qualifications for professional instruction.
  • Allow for a unique and consistent international teaching system.
  • Provide quality criteria for training and instruction.
  • Deliver credibility to a kiteboarding  organization, its representatives, and Instructors under the IKO brand.
  • Take into consideration the student’s safety and ability to learn effectively.
  • Produce better more consistent results for students.
  • Set guidelines for safe behavior.
  • Reinforce communications between the organization and its members.

The IKO is a dynamic organization that is proactive and is always updating the techniques, safety rules and instruction.  When you book a course at any of the Kiteboarding schools affiliated to IKO they will agree to:

  • Certify all student levels with the IKO Member Card.
  • Register each student with IKO
  • Rely on self-regulation by staying up-to-date with new standards, manuals, handbooks, and related information and by adapting teaching methods accordingly.
  • Update profile pages and contact details to ensure uninterrupted communication with IKO.
  • Updates on teaching methods and equipment technology.
  • Serve as a communications channel to provide feedback between IKO Instructors, Center Managers and certified students.

Levels of Kiteboarding instructors with IKO Certification:

IKO Instructor Level 1 gives the possibility to teach kiteboarding all around the world, with teaching methods that are recognized as the international standard in kiteboard teaching.

IKO Instructor Level 2 gives the possibility to teach kiteboarding to higher levels and

to more students at the same time. It is an opportunity for instructors to teach more classes.

IKO Level 3 is a distinction that justifies Instructor’s experience and allows them to pass the selection to become an Assistant Trainer. Level 3 Instructors commit to respecting and applying the Standards of Quality for kiteboarding.

IKO Coach teaches higher and more specific levels to students.

Always ask if your Kiteboarding School has the IKO certification to get the best Kiteboarding course and obtain your standard IKO student certification.

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